Adado displaced 'forgotten'

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Barakacayaasha Adado/Sawir/Diirshe/Ergo Photo | IDPs in Adado/Photo/Dirshe/Ergo

21 June, 2013 GALGADUUD


About 150 IDP families living in a camp called Iftiin, on the eastern side of Adado town in Galgadud region, say their temporary shelters have been destroyed by recent rains and they have received no help.

Halima Yusuf Wehliye, one of the residents of the camp, told Radio Ergo that she has experienced ongoing problem in the last few months, with no waterproof sheeting to stop the rain leaking in to her hut. She has been forced to share a hut made of cardboard boxes, plastic bags, grass and sticks.

Rains have also destroyed the latrines in the camp, resulting in highly unsanitary conditions, according to another IDP Salado Ahmed Mahmud. 

The families have been in this camp for the past two years, brought together by different circumstances. Noor Osman, an IDP, appealed to humanitarian agencies and the Somali public to assist them with food and to solve the pitiful shelter conditions they are facing.

Among these IDP families are pastoralists impoverished by the 2011 droughts and others displaced by conflict.  They have received no humanitarian assistance since that time.




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