Local medics assist ailing pastoralists

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Photo | Team from Lasanod's Manhal hospital treat women and children stranded in Sool

Radio Ergo 25 February, 2016 SOOL


Medical staff from a small private clinic in Lasanod, Manhal hospital, responded to Radio Ergo’s reporting on 10 February 2016 about a large number of pastoralist families from Sanag stranded in Sool without access to food and water.

Dr Abdimajid Hussein Sugule said the team gathered after hearing the information on Radio Ergo and travelled to Dagahyo-ado to provide emergency health services to the families.

The team diagnosed and treated 60 women and children.

Dr Sugule said the pregnant women or those who had recently delivered babies had numerous problems mainly stemming from the lack of food due to having few livestock left.  Many were suffering from anaemia; some had bleeding and infections. They were treated with iron tablets and nutritional biscuits, and antibiotics for infection.

The children were suffering from a range of diseases or conditions including malnutrition, skin diseases related to malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, and typhoid.

Dr Sugule said he was concerned by the poor condition in which they found many elderly people.

“What I can’t forget is the situation of the elderly people, who seemed in a very serious condition. They couldn’t eat the food that has recently been given. They just sit without moving due to weakness from hunger,” he said.

“As they can’t eat it is very difficult to treat any conditions by administering medication.  We are arranging to go back again to follow up on those who were treated. But the number of people is huge compared to our capacity, more action is needed to help these people.”

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