Local business responds to story of stranded families in Sool

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Photo | Suad Abdi Ali, hoping to cook for her children for the first time in many days/Dubbad/Ergo

Radio Ergo 15 February, 2016 SOOL


Radio Ergo’s report of hundreds of displaced nomadic pastoralists from Sanag stranded near Lasanod in Sool without food or water triggered a fast response from among the local business community.

Kadar Ali Jama, head of Dahabshil group in Sool region, described how he read the news and took action to help.

“I saw the article on Radio Ergo website on the night of 10th February 2016. I looked for the contact of the Ergo stringer in Lasanod, Farah Dubad, and asked him some more information about the families in the report. We decided to go with him in the morning to visit them in Dhagahyo Ado and follow up on their situation.

We saw a really horrible situation, there were hundreds of families across various parts of that area. They have been severely hit by the drought and have no food, shelter or water. They come from hundreds of kilometres away but right now they can’t afford to pay to hire a truck to go back again.

We decided to deliver 200 sacks of different food, including dates, flour, rice and cooking oil. We are supplying 28 families who are in most serious condition.”

Kadar called on other local and international organisations to help drought hit people urgently, because what they had given was only a small contribution in relation to the problems on the ground.

Suad Abdi Ali moved from Hingalol in Sanaag with her family including six children. She was glad to receive the support.

“I have not cooked any food for my children for 20 days. We share with other families who cook once in 24 hours. Really we were close to dying of hunger… I thank Dahabshil group who helped us by taking immediate action to bring us food and Radio Ergo who broadcast our situation,” she said.

Fadumo Ahmed Ali, from Badhan, said: “I lost all except 40 of my animals to the drought. I received 50kg of rice, 10kg of dates, 25 kg of flour and 10 litres of oil from Dahabshil. I thank them, this will help my children.”

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