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Natural Disasters

Drought continues to cause misery in southern Somalia's Gedo region

(ERGO) - The drought is continuing to cause misery in parts of Somalia...

21 AUGUST, 2017
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IDPs get work as farm labourers after some rain raised farmers' hope in Baidoa

(ERGO) - As farmers returned to their farms following some rainfall in parts of drought-hit southern Somalia, casual work opened up for scores of displaced people living in squalid camps in and around the town of Baidoa...

15 JUNE, 2017
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Somali pastoralists return to Sool region after year-long clan conflict is resolved

(ERGO) - Amina Abdulahi Hassan and her husband have just returned with their eight children to Dhumay village, 40 km from Lasanod, which they fled a year ago when fighting broke out between rival clan militias...

14 JUNE, 2017
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  • Buhodle - 29 August, 2017
    Camels, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - So.Sh 17M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 15M

    Camels, For Export
    Grade One - So.Sh 11.2M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 8.4M

    Goats, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - So.Sh 1.3M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 1.2M

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Somali pastoralists return to Sool region after year-long clan conflict is resolved
(ERGO) - Amina Abdulahi Hassan and her husband have just returned...

Armed attacks cause fear among IDP families on the western outskirts of Mogadishu
(ERGO) - Waves of attacks and robberies on the outskirts of Mogadishu ...

Destitute Somali pastoralists may never return to their rural homes
(ERGO) - Thousands of pastoralists made destitute by the drought in ce...

Natural Disasters

Somali herders who migrated for pasture and water return to the dry lands of Sool region
(ERGO) - Hundreds of pastoralists who had travelled long distances in ...

Traders in Baidoa fall victim to Somali drought
(ERGO) - Habibo Mohamed Abdi, 42, a mother of six children, has found ...

Somali villagers fear dying of thirst as cash to buy water runs out in Mudug
(ERGO) - Families in Lasa-Adale village, 20 km east of Galkayo town in...


Job opening: Somali Producer, Radio Ergo
Radio Ergo (RE) is a unique service providing daily humanitarian information to the Som...

Drought, conflict and poverty force more and more Somali children into work
(ERGO) - Mohamed Abdi Hussein, 13, sent $30 last month to his family i...

First village borehole enables drought-displaced families to return to their farms in Baidoa
(ERGO) - Nurto Hussein Mohamed recently received a call from people in...

Food Security

Precious camels surviving on garbage in northern Somali town of Lasanod
(ERGO) - Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan, 42, could no longer bear watch...

Steep rise in prices as food scarcity hits Somali breadbasket town of Baidoa
(ERGO) - Food prices in the markets in Baidoa, in southern Somali...

Hand-feeding dying livestock may not save them, says Somali herder
(ERGO) - Farah Diriye Dalmar had not eaten for two days when a lo...

Health & Education

Children vaccinated as measles spreads in central Somalia
(ERGO) - A measles vaccination campaign has reached around 15,000...

Students vacate medical college to house diarrhoea patients in Somaliland
(ERGO) - The Somaliland health ministry has taken over a medical ...

Free school on an empty stomach - mixed blessings for Somali girl displaced by the drought
(ERGO) - Maryan Olad Omar, 12, is happy to have the chance to go to sc...

Agriculture and Livestock

Dadaab refugees hit by drought and livestock deaths
(ERGO) - Habibo Farah Awil, 40, used to earn a living from buying and ...

Puntland campaign to prevent spread of livestock diseases among herds migrating from drought
(ERGO) - Pastoralists who migrated with their weakened livestock to pa...

Somali farmers' lives improved through agricultural skills training
(ERGO) - Noor Ma’alim Amin, 32, was thinking of giving up on far...