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Natural Disasters

Somali villagers fear dying of thirst as cash to buy water runs out in Mudug

(ERGO) - Families in Lasa-Adale village, 20 km east of Galkayo town in northern Somalia’s drought-hit Mudug region, say they do not have enough water for the next few days because they have run out of cash...

19 APRIL, 2017
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Natural Disasters

Rain gives hope to herders and farmers in parched villages in southern Somalia's Bay region

(ERGO) - Twenty parched villages in Qansahdere district in the southern Somali region of Bay have received heavy rainfall over the last two days, after two years of water shortage...

18 APRIL, 2017
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Somali women starving themselves to keep their children alive

(ERGO) - Habibo Derow Aden, 42, is trying to keep her eight children alive by eating very little herself...

13 APRIL, 2017
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  • Garowe - 27 April, 2017
    Camels, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - So.Sh 17M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 13M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 8M

    Goats, For Export
    Grade One - So. Sh 1.8M
    Grade Two - So. Sh 1.5M
    Grade Three - So. Sh 1.3M

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False allure of rain in Mudug for Somali pastoralists
(ERGO) - When the first rain of the season fell on Wargalo village, 65...

Pastoralists turn to hawking in towns as Somalia's drought destroys livelihoods
(ERGO) - Fadumo Said is trying to adapt to life in town after her...

Refugees who fled 2011 Somali famine change their mind about returning home from Dadaab camps
(ERGO) - Ali Noor Qorane, 55, has decided to call off his family&...

Natural Disasters

Rain gives hope to herders and farmers in parched villages in southern Somalia's Bay region
(ERGO) - Twenty parched villages in Qansahdere district in the so...

Meeting needs of drought-affected in Jubaland is 'beyond human ability' says regional authority
(ERGO) - Close to one million Somali children will be acutely malnouri...

Puntland authorities pledge to minimize bureaucracy to speed up aid delivery
(ERGO) - As the new Somali president has declared the drought a nation...


Mogadishu prisoners trained to work for a living
(ERGO) - Inmates in Mogadishu central prison are benefiting from a voc...

Mogadishu job fairs open opportunities for graduates
(ERGO) - Careers fairs organised by local groups in Mogadishu have beg...

Refugee transit centres create jobs for single mothers in Dhobley
(ERGO) - Life for single mother Ardo Mohamud Abdullahi has changed for...

Food Security

Hand-feeding dying livestock may not save them, says Somali herder
(ERGO) - Farah Diriye Dalmar had not eaten for two days when a lo...

Death of a donkey leaves disabled Somali teenager stranded in remote drought-hit village
(ERGO) - When his donkey died in the drought, Mohamed Osman Ali, 19, k...

Drought response committee in Togdheer, northern Somalia, runs out of funds
(ERGO) - The drought response committee in northern Somalia’s dr...

Health & Education

Diarrhoea outbreak response hampered by administrative dispute in northern Somalia
(ERGO) - Administrative weaknesses in disputed districts of north...

Hospital puts up tents to treat malnourished children coming from isolated parts of southern Somalia's Bay region
(ERGO) - Baidoa hospital has set up overflow tents under the trees in ...

Weak pastoralist children suffering from measles in remote parts of northern Somalia
(ERGO) - A measles outbreak is spreading mainly among children in drou...

Agriculture and Livestock

Puntland campaign to prevent spread of livestock diseases among herds migrating from drought
(ERGO) - Pastoralists who migrated with their weakened livestock to pa...

Somali farmers' lives improved through agricultural skills training
(ERGO) - Noor Ma’alim Amin, 32, was thinking of giving up on far...

Somali herders feed thatched roofs of homes to starving cattle in drought-stricken villages
(ERGO) - Jelle Amin Ali has started taking down the thatched roof of t...